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Soho, hier wird mein Aktionsschritt von Montag in die Tat umgesetzt:

Subject: How many plastic bags are you using every year?

Dear xxx

Last Monday, I hosted a phone conversation on We Are What We Do’s Action 01: To decline plastic bags wherever possible (

My action step after the conversation was to send this emails to 5 friends in the US, UK, and India (3 countries I have lived in in the past and 3 countries that use a huge amount of plastic bags each year).

How many plastic bags are you using every year? How can you use less? Did you know that one plastic bag can take up to 500 years to decay?

When I was in Japan with AIESEC in 2000, I received my current shopping bag as a gift. You can read the full story here:

If you want to inspire others to use less plastic bags, please forward this email!

WAWWDly from Berlin,



Eine Antwort to “email an Freunde”

  1. fraukegodat Says:

    Und hier gleich die Antwort meiner amerikanischen Gastmutter in New Jersey, wo ich 1995-96 als Au Pair gearbeitet habe:
    „We are able to recycle paper, plastic and metal right out of our homes, which you may remember. And we are able to bring plastic shopping bags back to the grocery stores either to reuse or to recycle under the stores‘ auspices. We can also elect to use paper bags and recycle them with the rest of our papers. I make a point of re-using all plastics when possible, most particularly water bottles and food storage bags which can be washed and used several times before recycling. So we’re doing a decent job, but it certainly is a global problem. „

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